Cairns Consensus Statement on Rural Generalist Medicine

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Cairns Consensus Statement on Rural Generalist Medicine 



There is growing recognition of Rural Generalist Medicine as a distinctive form of expansive generalist practice upon which rural communities rely. People in rural and remote areas have always depended on doctors who provide comprehensive primary care in their communities along with hospital, emergency and population health care and extended specialised service.

There is a proud tradition of rural doctors who are dedicated to this model of expansive medical care for communities in many parts of the world. Trends to sub-specialisation, pressures on scope of medical practice in urban areas and poorly developed generalist training options are a threat to this tradition.

The Second World Summit on Rural Generalist Medicine will bring together rural doctors from around the world, along with health planners, policy makers, researchers and educators to celebrate, share and plan for the future of generalism in health care in rural and urban areas.  At a time of increasing challenge for health systems across the world, generalist medicine is a critical strategy in achieving health for all.

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The Cairns Consensus Statement on Rural Generalist Medicine outlines the healthcare issues facing rural communities, the concept of Rural Generalist Medicine and its relevance to rural healthcare and outlines priorities for action.